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Bloody Moon
Simply a commissioned film for Jesus Franco, who always simply just sticks stuff on stuff (and enjoys it) into a slasher film that is a mess of rolling mannequin heads, fake blood, foam stones, a few tits here and there (but not to Franco's usual level) and much more, to the delight of the weirdest and trashiest palates. But as they say these days? It also has its flaws.
To cut a long story  certainly not the best, but not the worst movie, especially for the early eighties, from the Spanish director who was obviously inspired by the most famous American slashers.
Trash and weird, as we said, but every now and then something beautiful comes along, something à la Franco, which makes this film, also known as 'Bloody Moon' and 'Profonde Tenebre' in Italy, a must for lovers of the good Jess.

The plot tells of Miguel, a disfigured and outcast boy who pretends to be someone else and takes a girl to bed in disguise. When she finds out, he kills her with a pair of scissors.
Years later, he is released from the psychiatric hospital where he was held (the doctor who released him is Franco) and returns home with his sister Manuela, with whom he had sexual relations in the past. They live in a kind of estate with an old paralysed aunt, and work in a kind of language school with a swimming pool and a cool gardener, on the Costa del Sol.

And it is there, of course, that death upon death begins to flow. Not only the schoolgirls, but also the old woman, a child and a snake, which, given the film's budget, must have been real.

The pretext turns out to be absurd and does not justify the bloodshed. Last but not least, the ending holds a surprise.

The familiar face of the film: Olivia Pascal, who has moved on from genre films to more mainstream work.