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Washing Machine
A policeman has to investigate a mysterious murder committed in a house where three sisters live. And not just any three sisters, but three hot beauties who do nothing but provoke him and attempt to seduce him without restraint. A tough job that of the policeman, almost as tough as that of the director who has to try to make interesting films that hold up from beginning to end.
In this case, good old Ruggero Deodato tries to do just that, taking up arms and baggage and going to Hungary, certainly for artistic purposes but also to save a little on the budget.
Based on a screenplay by Luigi Spagnol, he works with a not bad international cast. We have the cold-eyed Frenchman Philippe Caroit in the role of Inspector Stacev, the bursting Polish Katarzyna Figura, better known as Kasia, first of the three aforementioned sisters
with Italians Ilaria Borrelli and Barbara Ricci, the former later becoming a director, screenwriter and producer and the latter pursuing an acting career.
The cast is completed by Yorgo Voyagis, a well-known face in genre cinema and beyond. It is precisely the Greek actor who is the victim of the mysterious murder that Inspector Stacev investigates after one of the three sisters calls him when she finds the corpse dripping with blood in the washing machine (the "Washing Machine", which is also the title by which this film is best known). However, when the policeman arrives the body is no longer there.
This is the beginning of an investigation that flows into the oneiric, the nightmarish and above all the erotic, with a final twist that turns everything upside down.
Let's say that we are dealing with a Deodato who is not at his best and with a film that is somewhat forgotten by everyone, the last before a long break.
Certainly Budapest, the way it is photographed and its atmospheres play in favour of a positive judgement, as does the beauty of the three performers. And I would say that Caroit is also a good look! Not forgetting the scenes of the washing machine full of blood and some other interesting moments.
But the story soon gets lost in tons of fairly banal eroticism. It loses bite, interest and doesn't make an impact. In the end, you don't end up in the vortex of the film, you are left a bit on the edge of a story that could have given us more.