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Day of the Cobra
Good old Castellari and the faithful Franco Nero throw themselves into noir, travelling down a road that would take them to the States and above all to the territories of Marlowe, cited in the film, not by chance. And so Lorenzo becomes Larry, Larry Stanziani, eats chewing gum, lives in a lodging in San Francisco, uglier than the ones they rent to students in Milan, and has been kicked out by the police because he was framed by the usual corrupt scoundrels.
The subject matter written by Aldo Lado could not be more classic and, let's say, banal, and naturally, developments see our Larry given a second chance in Genoa, where he investigates an intricate case to the sound of punches thrown and punches taken.
With Sybil Danning in the role of the 'femme fatale' and Licinia Lentini in an absurd double-face role, Franco Nero is the protagonist of a film that does not work and even has the ambitions of seeking some comic points but also the family drama with a scene rather useless for the story.
Castellari's skill, as always excellent in the action scenes and also good at filming a city, Genoa, dear to him, makes up for this. But it is not enough. Just as the presence of several reliable character actors is not enough: Romano Puppo, Massimo Vanni and a cameo by the Girolami family, almost complete. From Castellari we expect more.