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Chopper Chicks In Zombietown

We can consider this movie as an encyclopedia or a small summary of all the stereotypes, characteristics of horror films, comedies and bikexploitation.
Here's really everything: a gang of female motorcyclists some lesbian who runs in the States with leather jackets on big motorcycles, zombies, mad scientists, radioactivity and blind kids who end up in trouble. And certainly not something that comes to mind.

"Chopper Chicks in Zombietown" a 1991 movie, was directed by Dan Hoskins and produced by Troma succeeds in spite of the "too much of everything" not to derail, resulting a nice and fast b-movie, unpretentious, with much action and trash, jokes and comic situations.
As it succeeded remains a mystery but the result is pleasing and that's what counts.
The "Cycle Sluts" are a gang of bikers who arrive at Zariah. A bleak, semi-abandoned town where the usual scientist helped by the usual dwarf servant find the way to resurrect the dead working in his laboratory site near a quarry forearm.
We don't use "usually" anymore, but it is obvious that the dead find a way to escape from the lab and began to devour the people of Zariah. Noteworthy among these a group of blind kids traveling on a school bus and become involved in the history

And the "Cycle Sluts"? Oh ... well ... they become the heroines of the whole affair. First hated and opposed by the inhabitants they are convinced to stay and make out in ways craft (see baseball bats and other) the zombies. They break some hearts, in love sense, and become the favorite of the place.

A movie with Fast beats, accompanied by grotesque situations and classics arranged special effects.
A natural set sometimes rough and a series of strange and crazy circumstances during processing. From the fall from a bike of one of the actresses, the mysterious writing appeared on the set, maybe an actor / actress who wrote (I translate the meaning) "Who should I go to bed to get out of this production," to a long list of flirting occurred on the set drawn from the crew (it was shot in the desert and then ...).

We can see the Troma's hands and also a really funny way by actors. It will not be anything original but still work in any interesting way .
If we see the cast list we see the presence of Billy Bob Thornton, there are also Jamie Rose, Cathrine Carlen, Lycia Naff, Don and Ed Gale Calfa, all players who have continued his career playing or producing in different television series.