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New Years Evil’s

The charming psychopaths of yesteryear. All threats and knives. Those nice, light, predictable plots. Those directors who don't know what to do as embarrassing actors. But yes of course, not new to these pages, otherwise this site wouldn't be called bmoviesheroes but every time I catch a film like this, it's a burst of pleasure, it's a joy, it's a celebration.
'New Year Evil's' is just the latest in this list. A film that has a hefty list of reviews that panned it from Roger Ebert, through Metacritic and ending with this one of mine. Because yes, it really is a badly made film.
But it must be acknowledged that it has its own trashy charm. Very trashy. The kind of bad that people like, or dislike (you name it), but which must be seen. Because 'New Years Evil's' is a slasher set in a musical environment (so to speak), and is therefore c full of songs that wander between punk rock and heavy metal, put together in a fucked-up way, with endless pogo from the listeners, but in the end not bad at all.
The climax is reached with the song of the same name that opens the film, which over the years has developed its own cult following and has been included among the best horror film songs. Let us say that the beauty of this film is in the first few minutes, because the rest, as mentioned, is not very interesting.

As the title suggests, we are on New Year's Eve. DJ Diane 'Blaze' Sullivan played by Roz Kelly (Pinky Tuscadero from 'Happy Days') hosts a live music show where viewers can call in to vote for their favourite song.
Among these calls, however, comes that of a maniac, who for some reason has the voice of Gonzo from the Muppets and calls himself Evil (you know what a fancy boy!). He threatens to kill a 'bad' girl every time, according to US time zones, midnight strikes. Evil is of his word and sends the sound of the murders to the broadcast every time. Truly pathetic murders.
As more prominent critics than me have written, the ending is copied from millions of other films. And there is not much to add. But if you want to avoid friends and relatives inviting you to useless and boring New Year's Eve dinners/parties, let them see this film. You will lose their friendship but at least you will forever avoid the question "What are you doing on New Year's Eve?".