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The title may not be one of the more surprising ones, but everything else, everything you see afterwards, makes this film a (im)perfect little low-budget horror film.
Two lesbian vampires have a lot of fun, but to tell the truth, they are not exactly orthodox vampires, because they prefer wounds to necks and throw themselves on their victims like ferocious animals, becoming, by the director's own admission, vampire-cannibals.
Behind this little gem we find José Ramón Larraz, a Catalan director who emigrated to Belgium, France and finally England, where he has worked more and achieved greater success.
Here we find him with one of his most criticised films at the time of its release, which has, however, over time become a cult for fans.
Larraz places this story at Oakley Court in Bray, the Victorian country house famous (as far as we are concerned) for Hammer films. And, indeed, you expect a Peter Cushing or a Christopher Lee to pop up at any moment, but it doesn't happen, thankfully because the two leading ladies know their stuff and give us a lot to like.
As mentioned at the beginning, we have two lesbian vampires played by English model and actress Anulka Dziubinska, who in 1973 became May's playmate before embarking on an acting career and making her debut with this film. Alongside her is Marianne Morris, a London actress with a short career. Finally, Sally Faulkner, the most famous female name acts as a supporting character to the two.

In addition to being involved in sex scenes that are quite strong for the genre and English society, the vampires show us scenes of violence that are equally disconcerting and bordering on splatter.
Two aspects that make 'Vampyres' a peculiar and I would even say original film. Fortunately for us, there are also some flaws that make it all the more 'beautiful'. Many things, for example, are not told to us and are never explained. There are some glaring errors, not to mention that, yes, the two leading ladies are a pretty sight and in the most important scenes they are effective, but when they have to act normally, they have some problems.

We find ourselves inside this Victorian manor house, where a killer breaks into the bedroom and shoots, killing two lovers, Fran and Miriam (Anulka Dziubinska and Fran Morris).
A couple of campers, John and Harriet (Brian Deacon and Sally Faulkner) with caravans in tow stop right near the sinister manor, noticing two strange girls on the road asking for a lift.
Finally Ted (Murray Brown) a businessman arrives in the village, stays at the hotel and at one point gives a lift to one of the girls, who are none other than Fran and Miriam, the two vampires who haunt the manor and are hungry for blood and sex.
They, in fact, attract the unfortunates on the road, seduce them and then feed on them before killing them.

Larraz shortly before his death collaborated on the remake of this film of his, directed by Víctor Matellano, which was released in 2015 and which I will discuss shortly.