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We love Marco Ponti. Regardless. For 'Santa Maradona', OK, but also because how many directors from Avigliana, a small place in the province of Turin, do you know? A rarity. 
However (how I love this word so forbidding, that it always seems to announce the worst) even the people you love sometimes have to be told that they have made some mistakes. And in Ponti's case it's 'Reckless', a 2018 film.
With the Guy Ritchie of 'Lock & Stock' and 'The snatch' in the lead, Ponti sets up an 'on the road' comedy with three, usual, unlikely criminals.

Triggering events is a, usual, misunderstanding. Roberto, an inhabitant of Val di Susa, is a 30-year-old mechanic in dire financial straits. He goes to a bank at Sestriere to get a loan and is mistaken, in a daring way, for a robber. A robber who has a hostage: Soledad (Matilda De Angelis), an influencer by profession.
He then discovers, however, that the money he took in his unintentional robbery belongs to an underworld organisation and with his friend BB, a former rally driver, and Soledad begin a long escape across Italy, becoming folk heroes.

Beyond the decidedly predictable evolution of the story, not to mention the finale, Ponti inserts an endless amount of 'philosophical' pearls that go no further than social (or bar if you prefer) chatter. He tries an adrenalin-fuelled direction, helped by the fact that this is a road movie, but finds himself with three actors (Richelmy, De Angelis and Franceschini) who fail to make the characters realistic by acting in a didactic manner that does not go beyond the macchietta.
The forces of law and order relegated to the role of 'comic relief', or almost, close the circle of a film that is more wasted than reckless.