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The Bat People

Any problems with bats were already foreseen with this 1974 Jerry Jameson film. However, no lessons were learned from it, as we know from 2020, and I would say not out of ignorance or superficiality, but because I am sure no one has ever managed to finish this film without falling asleep. È
"The Bat People" isn't about vampires (maybe at some point but superficially), it's not a Batman spin-off. It is just a film about a guy who turns into a bat, wearing a ridiculous costume that we see in full in the last minutes of the film.

A soporific, very slow story, where very little happens and where, for a horror film, there is just a little splash of blood. But very little indeed.
Instead, there are a series of stereotypical characters ranging from the protagonist, to his wife, to a serious and capable doctor, and ending with the classic stupid and crude provincial policeman who wants to do the protagonist's wife. Who, despite then being harassed by the man, drives around with him without any problems. OK.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is a nature park in New Mexico famous for its caves where, according to Wikepedia, sixteen species of bats live. And it is there that husband and wife John and Cathy Beck (Stewart Moss and Marianne McAndrew who were also husband and wife in life) go on holiday. During a hike in a cave, he is bitten by a bat and soon begins to suffer from ailments. He is also a medical expert on... bats. A chiropterologist in short.

After the first ailments he immediately thinks of rabies, does some check-ups and occasionally turns into a bat that for some reason kills people. On the case and especially on the right track we find Micheal Pataky (Rocky IV, Star Trek and Halloween 4 among many other things) playing the slimy Sgt. Ward, an obvious sacrificial and expendable figure leading to an ending, I'll tell you so you can fall asleep while watching it, in which it is revealed that Mrs. Cathy is also a bat.
I am left wondering why a bat-man would go around killing people is unclear. But I certainly don't want to watch this film again to find out.