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E' forte un casino

Enzo Cannavale and Bombolo, an award-winning company, at the head of a select group of character actors and with the beautiful Licinia Lentini, who never had anything to envy from better-known names.
A group of 'rebeldes', of character actors and sidekicks, in a 1982 third and final film by Alessandro Metz, which on balance is not memorable but not unwatchable either, considering the year of release and the performers.
By the way, we find: Gianni Ciardo, Sandro Ghiani, Ennio Antonelli and Tognella, the Lombard seen in so many films. You may ask, but what about Jimmy il Fenomeno? He's there, he's there, don't worry.

As I was saying, Cannavale and Bombolo go for gags from the first scene, sometimes recycling old jokes and travelling dangerously on the edge of the joke-movie in vogue in those years. But every now and then they get it right and if you don't have to laugh out loud, which never escapes, you can appreciate the comic situation.
As mentioned Licinia Lentini is the female lead and with her there are Xiomara Gonzales, less than a meteor, and Carolina Palermo to form a female battery that shows off, indulges and is not bad.
The whole thing then has a crescendo of pace in a second half, devoid of any sensible plot, but full of gags and boobs. Not memorable, I repeat again, but one has seen worse in those years. Much worse.

Enzo Cannavale is Michele, a con man who with his partners tries to sell the Vatican to two Arabs, without succeeding. He then tries to sell a rich American heiress (Lentini) the villa of a count (Ciardo), which the wily Michele squats when the owner is away.
Between maids, assistants, cooks and whatnot, everyone moves into the villa, and while Michele tries to close the deal and get into bed with the woman (Cannavale, it must be said, lacks the malice of Montagnani and Banfi), the count returns and messes up all the plans. But in the end, even the heiress is not who she says she is.