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La desnuda chica del Relax

Drugs, prostitution and violence. And revenge. There is a little bit of everything in this very toxic film by Ignacio Iquino, a director who from the 1970s began a slow and very long period of ups and downs (very downs) and here, 1981, is almost at the end of a career that I will illustrate later.
We find ourselves, if not quite in, then certainly very close to quinqui cinema, that Spanish genre that exploded in the late 1970s, which tells stories of juvenile delinquency, of marginalisation. often told and interpreted by the criminals themselves and set in the suburbs of large Spanish cities.
Iquino tells us the story of Isidoro, Tomás and Carlos, three criminal robbers, murderers and drug addicts from Barcelona. A life in and out of prison and always between life and death. After one of the many episodes of violence, Carlos falls in love with one of the victims. A woman they raped. He decides to change his life but his cronies do not agree.

Sex and meat. And, indeed, there is everything here in great abundance but badly made, filthy and sometimes (it seems) improvised.
And to think that the director is Ignacio Iquino, a Catalan filmmaker who began a long and prolific career in the 1940s, riding an endless series of genres, making a big impact on Spanish cinema, talking about society and partly criticising Francoism. Between highs and lows, in the last stages of his career, he directed in 1981 La caliente niña Julietta, considered a pearl of the destape genre and starring Andrea Albani, one of the performers of the genre who died very young at only 33. And perhaps it is better to catch up on his old work than to waste time watching this film.