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All those sayings about leaving the old and safe streets for the new and uncertain ones, find another meaning in this film by Joe D'Amato. More tasteful let's say.
And it is also one of the few positive aspects of this work. Don't think anything of it, I only want to see it as a positive aspect because the choice to take a different path, in the literal sense of the word, takes the protagonists to a sanatorium where only women work, who under a thin and fragile uniform carry very little. Which naturally gives us an industrial quantity of nudes and sex scenes with beautiful protagonists, including Carmen Di Pietro.
The rest, however, leaves a lot to be desired, and even if the foxy D'Amato does put a patch on it at times, The Devil in the Flesh, a title that has very little to do with the story, is an insignificant film in the Roman director's vast filmography.
Obviously few resources aside, the story is a mere pretext for the aforementioned scenes. Cleverly though, I must emphasise, the screenplay does not take on any political colours or connotations, apart from the fact that we are supposed to be somewhere in South America (in fact the whole thing is filmed in Louisiana).
Two mercenaries Sammy and Klaus are on a mission to escort the prime minister of a South American country overthrown by a coup d'état. The minister is ill, however, and to get him to safety they choose a riskier and more uncertain route. And here they end up straight, straight, in a clinic where there are rather sexy doctors and nurses. And they have fun. All of them. Between fucks they even treat the prime minister, who saves himself, then returns to his homeland and makes a counter revolution by taking revenge on those who brought him down.
That's basically it. Eroticism and violence pop up here and there, D'Amato sometimes manages to make it less worse than it looks, but it remains a fairly negligible film if you are not a Carmen Di Pietro fanatic.