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The Big Doll House

If we did a survey on the places that ignite "hot fantasies" among the winners we will certainly find the women's prison.
Now this isn't the place to talk about this sad reality and the often brutal conditions of prisoners, but this issue has always been interested cinema, from producers to directors and audiences too.

If we say that in this one there is the hand of Roger Corman is easy to image that the chemistry is likely to create an explosive and very funny b-movie: "The Big Doll House".
To tell the truth Corman is here with his shadow as distributor and executive producer with his "New World Pictures" and this isn't the first "Women In Prison" for its large career and we want to remember the pioneering "Swamp Woman".

The result of these elements mixed to, another genious of exploitation, Jack Hill and the presence of a little-known Pam Grier that here in 1971 is still far from being one of the stars of the seventies, is a funny film and sexy. A film that hasn't all the nudity that the next film like this will have. A work still quite alluring, strong of a series of very pretty actress, headed by a rustic and sexy Pam Grier.
The art of arranging is the emblem of "The Big Doll House" which opens with the wonderful headlines commented from soul of "Long-Time Woman" sung by the same Grier that then resume the song many years later in "Jackie Brown".
"The Big Doll House" is a "Woman In Prison" very nice and solar, which is sympathetic and that ultimately is left to look. Certainly there are some strange things and contradiction as we see the prisoners mini-skirt, sleeping naked, and working under the very watchful eye of guards.
They also fight for supremacy in the mud and above all they have the opportunity to buy goods ranging from two men allowed to enter the complex, which as you can imagine not despise the prisoners and the prisoners not despise them.
If it were not for the usual two (head guards and manager) who like to torture and kill inmates, often with poisonous snakes, life in this prison would be very quiet and sexy.
But anyhow, all "women in prison" wants his blood, less redundant that other episodes here, and a little 'action. And here it is: a number of prisoners, including Pam Grier plan the escape  and the elimination of the wicked.
The plan more or less works. Someone dies (eg Grier stabbed reacts mildly to blow ...), others fleeing under fire from the low aims, while they affect anyone from any distance. The guards and the "bad" in general instead shown to have a flair and an incredible disproportionate luck in finding the fugitives. But one of them eventually manage to escape. Or maybe not.
Acting very rough with very low special effects that conduce in a overall sense of humor unintentionally. But we insist is just a nice B-movie.
The low budget put the set in an abandoned prison in the Philippines, "The Big Doll House" achieved considerable success at the box office and gave off a series of sequels and spin-off quite famous. In the same year were released "Woman in Cage" set in the same prison and one year after "The Bird Cage".
In addition to the aforementioned cast queen, Pam Grier, we notice the presence of Robert Collins, a "Monroe" blonde beauty  and star of numerous films, disappeared a year ago, and Judith M. Brown actress still active and present in many famous films .