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Blood Feast

This is the story of two smart guys with little art and many ideas, who find themselves in the right place at the right time. Two who, with a budget of $24,500, make a film that is ugly in all respects but makes cinema history. Horror cinema of course. Splatter, to be precise.
The two of them are of course Herschell Gordon Lewis, already director of a few nudie-cutie and nudist movies, who befriended and started to collaborate with David Friedman a shrewd producer of b movies.
The two of them in 1963 shot Blood Feast in six days at the Suez Motel in Miami Beach, what is considered to be the progenitor of splatter films and which was presented on 6 July 1963 at the Bel Air Drive-In in Peoria, Illinois.
The film is a hit. And it grosses between seven and 30 million dollars. It is never known exactly. It is known, very well, however, that it is the first film that aims to attract audiences with scenes of cheap blood and violence. Very cheap, like everything else. Because Blood Feast is a really badly made, really bad film. An absurd story with a very slow pace accompanied by very, very, simple direction and non-existent acting. Bad. Very bad.
"Nothing so shocking in the annals of horrors" stands out on the poster of the film that also has the good fortune to arrive at a time when American censorship is distracted. But beyond its objective ugliness Blood Feast exerts a certain fascination, not only for its historical importance, but also for its saturated colours, its 1960s setting with good American families and, above all, for that bright red blood that accompanies various offal that the psychopath on duty takes from the bodies.

Fu'Ad Ramses (Mal Arnold) is an Egyptian trader/restaurateur who is hired by Mrs Dorothy Fremont for her daughter's party. Ramses promises a lavish menu that conceals gruesome murders of young women, complete with the removal of body parts. The whole thing is to set up a ritual to resurrect an ancient Egyptian deity.
In the end, good triumphs and our villain on duty ends up grotesquely chopped up in a rubbish truck. A perfect ending for a trashy film.