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Killer Nun

WE must admit that having as main character a psychopathic and heroin addict nun is a good start. If we then add a cast of stars, as Anita Ekberg, here nearly fifty years, always fascinating, Alida Valli and the sex symbol made in Warhol Joe Dallessandro means exactly that we are on a good path.

Giulio Berruti certainly not a name of note, here in his latest film and Alessandro Tarallo (co-screenwriter) succeed in the enterprise of creating a film means a foregone conclusion, a nunsploitation sauce thriller that holds up the attention.
It should be said in all truth that the idea is not original, but inspired by a newspaper story happened in Belgium. The structure is different from the same of the genre. From the modern era , due to the fact that  inspired this movie, to arrive at the total absence of scenes of torture or rape.

"Suor Omicidi" with these characteristics stands out as one of the best, if not the best, nunsploitation defined by someone, a little 'comic, "master nunsploitation ".
Do a little 'laugh as expression, but sums up the whole and especially the story of Sister Gertrude (Ekberg). Capa nurse on a medical facility in mixed dwelling elderly and rehabilitation center, recovering from a brain tumor is a severe nun, inflexible with the patients but also a heroin addict, visionary, which sometimes is not ashamed to abandon the habit for return into the modern world and have fun (too carnal).
In the hospital, however strange and violent murders occur. Everything suggests that the culprit is our Gertrude who meanwhile also has a relationship with his young roommate played by Paola Morra who is also be included in "Images of a convent," and unfortunately in a very few other films.
Despite the primary and the Mother Superior is hesitant to believe that Gertrude is guilty the story reach the point where events seem to nail the sister. It 'really so? Or is she a victim too?
The only way to know is to see this magnificent film.
Between stellar cast and director semi-unknown, curiosities certainly not lacking. Many are found in this very interesting interview with the director for the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival.
Summarize a few. Second and last short for Berruti, left the film world precisely because of this movie, which was withdrawn after only one week (and fourth weekly collection) due to a statement included in poster. The producer  in fact unbeknown of Berruti added the phrase "From the secret archives of the Vatican." Gaming strength, the Vatican denounced the distributor who went in bankrupt and closed, leaving the film to fend for himself. Berruti sick of all  leave the theater environment and engage in documentaries.
Recorded in Brussels, the film has a strange thing. A car, which serves as the ambulance shows the RTB indication that are the initials of the Belgian state television.
Distrust of the stars to work with Berri is an easy thing imaginable, but overcame this problem by all those who gave life to a film really interesting.