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Blazing Stewardesses

To understand and appreciate this film of 1975, we must do a little 'history.
Prolific producer Sam Sherman writes with      John D'Amato, a story full of nostalgia, inspired by the comedies of the forties, to the western and b-movie, without forgetting the slapstick, vaudeville, clowning and a small part the musical. The dedication at the opening stresses this, the reference to artists and film now forgotten that "with just entertainment" and the cast is no less clear.

The director is  Al Adamson, far away from his horror, and the cast sees veterans as interpreters of 40's era as the remaining members of the "Ritz Brothers". The "Ritz Brothers" were a group of well-known comedians in the thirties and forties. The group was composed of three brothers, Al, Jimmy and Harry Joachim, of Austrian origin. In their glittering career the three took part in shows and musicals being often compared to the Marx Brothers, but they were quite different in style and approach.

"Blazing Stewardesses" also includes Yvonne De Carlo a television actress, singer and dancer of considerable fame and interpreter of "The Ten Commandments" and of the series "Monsters" on the part of Lily. Experts actors Don "Red" Barry, Bob Livingston of which we have already spoken in "          Naughty Stewardesses" complete this cast of star. 

Adamson and Sherman as in "Naughty" re-use the figure of the stewardesses, just to give a little 'sex appeal to the movie using some same actressess as Connie Hoffman and Marilyn Joy.
The title, as usual, is built to attract the public. The figure of the hostess on the one hand, preceded by  "Blazing" used to echo the "Blazing Saddles"  by  Mel Brooks box office success of the previous tooth.

Our "Blazing" so it's a harmless comedy quite different than "naughty" who had so much nudity then "Blazing". A film that if  it haven't  all these theories would be a long and slow gag container without a certain plot.
The plot is very simple. The three stewardesses, tired, spend some time off at the "Lucky Dollar Ranch" a place frequented by bizarre characters. Nearby, however, a band of cowboys waiting for the trucks that pass on the way to a robbery.

Everything flows with nostalgic  gag showing the two Ritz Brothers, numbers sung by Yvonne De Carlo and our three maidens, never stripped but  eve in swimsuit. If you lik old gag and history this is a must see