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Alle Dame Del Castello Piace Molto Fare Quello

Three things are confident in this movie. The first is the original title: "Komm und Liebe Maid Mache" . The second is that from this title we find aan almost endless series of titles, versions that making impossible to tell which is the original version. And it seems that things have gone like this: this movie arrive in Italy under the title "Le Salamandre" and has been rejected by the censors, then comes a disastrous distribution titled "Quando gli uomini avevno il cannone" and then one with the title of this post and  "Piacere di Donna" (more or less literal translation ) and also "Alle Dame Del Castello Piace Fare Solo Quello". A Chaos generated by various distributions which also distributed very poor versions. For the english versions you're very lucky, few title but we don't know what version is.
However, "Alle Dame Del Castello Piace Molto Fare Quello" is the most famous title, the one that brings us to the thirdsure thing, that this film is a legend, thanks to those who chose this title mischievous, ironic and a little ' jerk. Deliberately or not, the one who has chose it has been created a legend, or rather an urban legend. Yes,
because this movie has been on the lips of many people for so many years, cited with a mischievous attitude and mischievous eyes which suggested that they weretalking about a very hot and porn movie. Litteral the title in english can be "The
Dames Of The Castle Like Much Do That"
Sorry to destroy everything, but if you are among those who have seen this movie, you know very well that this is a soft-core comedy,  set in the nineteenth century. It's all!.

Jozef Zachar is the director of this film and also of "Desideri e voglie pazze di tre giovani ragazze" released few years later in which we find the same cast, setting and ideas.
We are in nineteenth-century German current that unlike the following Italian historians  currents tries to have a little ' intellectual tone.
Here, for example, there are many Balzac's quotes  which are part of a very simple plot, which deals with cheats, hot nights, set in a castle in which converge  an endless array of characters between the rich and insecure men fast lobbyists, naughty girls.
In the version seen by us, then, we reach the apotheosis of chaos thanks to the inclusion of scenes from 
"Desideri e voglie pazze di tre giovani ragazze". A bit ' boring, even ruined by the various collage and a film ever scratched, but seem a little better thanks to a great cast. Apart from our Edwige Fenech committed in her early works there are actors from the good curriculum as Angelica Ott, Sieghardt Rupp and Michaela May.

Technical Specifications

Original Title : Komm , Liebe Und Mache Maid
Alternative Titles : At the ladies of the castle really like to do that, Mongooses , Pleasure of a Woman ( Italy ) , Die Geschichten tolldreisten nach Honoré de Balzac ( undefined ) , Käkilinna (Finland ), Les vierges folichonnes (France) , Sex Is a Pleasure ( UK) , The Brazen Women , The Brazen Women of Balzac (USA) , Tolldreiste Geschichten (Germany)
Country: Germany
Year : 1969
Directed by: Josef Zachar
Cast: Sieghardt Rupp, Michaela May , Angelica Ott, Edwige Fenech , Gustav Knuth
Duration: 90 '
Production Company: Gloria Films