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Amateur Porn Star Killer

Do we need a lesson on how to make a good "Snuff Movie"? Mah .. we doubt it. But this movie  has been emulated, and it has created a host of avid fans and especially a series of sequels unthinkable for a small film (we are now at three).

Everything born in 2003 from the lively and sick minds of Shane Ryan and his friend Michael Brian that founded "Alter Ego Cinema". A small, very small californian production company that aims to help friends and acquaintances to make their movies or anything else that is linked to the world of cinema.

A passion turned into reality, that after becomes a business, and that especially attracts the attention of film fans and journalists.

Since 2003, many works have been released under the brand name "Alter Ego Cinema" and among these the most important is "Amateur Porn Star Killer" a veritable saga centered on a psychopath, Brandon, who kidnaps, beats, rapes and humiliates young female victims. Uh.
The figure of Brandon takes his cue from the serial killer Ted Bundy.
Bundy was a person apparently normal, even good manners, that in the seventies killed in the States, about thirty young women lured close to the college or university residences.
Their atrocious end are reprise by the character played by Shane Ryan himself who with Michico Jimenez (Stacy, the victim) and Jan Gould made up the entire cast of the film.

Ambitious and too cocky, Ryan tries to show how to make a nice "Snuff Movie". The movie starts with some quoting by Paul Schrader and aphorisms, and then get us into a long and heavy episode of violence documented in black and white, a camera still in moving, with the film ruined by digital effects (underline) and music making in post-production. Nothing happens except a slow game of "cat and mouse".
A bit 'too cute and academic, without the slightest doubt that everything can be real, as "Snuff" tradition  would. Long and tedious. Brutal, especially if we think that the main actor says (clear) had only thirteen.
The most important point, the omicide is taken away bleeding (and what we waited for?), leaving scene to the imagination than to the images themselves.

Shane Ryan in any case remains a valuable independent filmmaker, dazed and sick as you want but able, if we look at other works, to achieve the purpose of describing a sick reality 
Finally, our advice: if you really want to learn the art of "Snuff Movie" dive on (un) healthy Guinea Pig. Better, much better.