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Un Jeans e una Maglietta

A miracle in  San Gennaro style or almost. The blond bob and a lot of hunky Nino D'Angelo turned a thin film and discounted, on which only a few spots, in a italian blockbuster Italian that in the South of Italy overtook the payouts in "Flashdance."

Happy for this victory of ours that sees the wily Nino time away from the artistic appreciation, we must say that this film is a trashy scary. The musicarello neomelodico which Nino was the hero is already perceived as more sugary version (more!) of the predecessors of the same gender and what's more, given the time, here you can breathe pure air of pop-trash of eighty's.

In this film of 1983 by Mariano Laurenti, title Italianized from an album by Nino D'Angelo (Nu Jeans E 'na maglietta "), the blond Nino is on the beautiful island of Capri intent to work as a good guy of the people, as a waiter. There he meets the rich daughter of the Commendatore Cora, Annamaria played by the beautiful  Roberta Olivieri  a classic face of the films with Nino D'Angelo.
Of course, love blooms and even more obviously her father is not at all happy about that. In addition his rival in love, Tony (Sebastiano Somma) is welcomed by the family Cora, for its economic conditions.
But in the end Vincenzo (Enzo Cannavale) a sort of uncle of Nino think at all, with a compelling and melodramatic speech convinces the cold Cora Commander of the goodness of the feelings of Nino.
The pattern is the same as always with the ingredient neomelodico additionally. Nino artist, unfortunate but willing, her the rather beautiful 'flawed and so, the odious rival, to get to the comic side entrusted to the capable hands Enzo Cannavale and Bombolo.
Entrusted to the soundtrack of the same songs Nino D'Angelo. Obviously.
Bad acting and a number of terms "melodramatic" of our Nino, who still exceeds skill Sebastiano Somma.
"Un Jeans e una maglietta" is an ultra classic of the genre, a work of trash melodramatic intensity. Tears unrivaled.