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Nude Per L'Assassino

With some exaggeration due, say, to the desire to show something amazing, must see opening scene and the final one, "NudePer L'assassino" is a good thriller/erotic, worthy son of the seventies.
The plot works, although it is quite complicated, manages to keep vigilant and especially to keep the door open to speculation. To The end. Everything else works. The murders are bloody and violent at the right point and touch on a little 'to splatter with the removal, in one of his genitals. And of course there, given the title, a bit 'naked bodies and soft sex scenes that feature a battery of women of quality. Femi Benussi (who died unfortunately in a hurry), Solvi Stübing and the goddess Edwige Fenech here combed from tomboy but always, of course, beautiful.
The murder tell the truth , and kills the victims when they are nude. A girl called Evelyn dies during an abortion and someone goes looking for revenge, having as objective the people that gravitate around model agency "The Albatross", attended and run by people with several skeletons in the closet.
We have the Fenech who plays Madga, and especially the rampant photographer Carlo  starring Nino Castelnuovo, an inveterate womanizer able to have sex with an aspiring model Lucia (Femi Benussi) five minutes after they have met and have it  in a sauna in a sports center with another lover who is observing them. Not content becomes the companion of Fenech. Incidentally. We complete the characters with the owner of the agency Gisella and with her husband the impotent and fat Maurizio starring Franco Diogenes and finally the model Patrizia (Solvi Stübing).
Between blood, murderers in style Dario Argento and the improbable and pull sex scenes, the time passes pleasantly waiting to find the proverbial key to the tangle. A few moments of unintentional humor are  not lacking and how not cite a figure the agency during a set to find the inspiration to the girl's screams to think "as if I had a dick between your legs !!!". Ok.
Good cast in general. Of Edwige Fenech Femi Benussi we have little to add. Two queens, the second for a short time, of the seventies movies . Solvi Stübing, German, was the testimonial of a notice advertising the Peroni, an actress in several films and conductive films of programs broadcast on smaller networks.
Returning to our film, we can say that it is a work worthy. We must add that  behind the camera we find Andrea Bianchi that we've seen in Andrea Bianchi "Malabimba" and "Io Gilda" and here he seems to be a credible director. Care photography Franco Delli Colli another well-known character in the film of seventies.