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The Awful Dr.Orloff

Under the black and white of the film of we can see a little flame that soon will become fire. Is the visionary talent of the great Jesus Franco, who begins to feel in this film of 1962.
We probably would have seen more and more and we enjoyed this film if it had not fallen into the hands of producers and distributors rather than butchers.
"Gritos En La Noche", this is the original title, has a number of versions, cut, modified, extended depending on the market to which it was intended.
So we (Italians) have "Il Diabolico Dott.Satana" that sees the direction of Walter Alexander and declares that the film was adapted from a story by David Robert (who became David Kunhuta in Spanish), but especially a scene with a very bad mistake in italian grammar.
For the French market we have "The Horrible Dr. Orloff," hottest version, since the original was added to a scene of topless, to meet the needs of the public beyond the Alps.
And yet "The Awful Dr.Orloff" for the English market that more or less follow the French version. And so on.

And despite everything, despite the changes, "Il Diabolico Dott.Satana" (In italian version the doctor is Named Satana e not Orloff) remains a great  classical horror movie.
Jesus Franco grappling with his first experiences in the genre, it manages a rather tense and frightening film, rainy and monstrous as any good horror. Evidently he looked very carefully "The mask of the devil"  by Bava, released two years before and  to some ideas of the Italian director, Franco adds his way of doing movies that in the future we will know well: visionary shots  and a certain research for beauty in the images and women.

Dr. Orloff is a very skilled surgeon who lives in his huge castle in the company of the young servant Morpho and Arne, two criminals saved from certain death. In the house there is also the daughter of Orloff, horribly disfigured and forced to live for some time in bed.
The Dr.Orloff to reclaim the glory to his beloved daughter begins to kidnap young girls with the intent to transplant their skin on the body of Melissa. The experiments go wrong, the girls disappear and the police began to investigate.  Inspector Tanner is the smart cop who investigates, mainly supported by his girlfriend Wanda and Jannot a tramp who finds important findings.
Among faces disfigured and hideous crimes, Franco, also adds a comic aspect represented by a long series of unlikely witnesses.

Character dear to the Spanish director who will reuse many times, the Dr.Orloff is played by the great Howard Vernon which becomes a loyal to director. Diana Lorys that will meet again in several genre films is Melissa or Wanda, if you prefer. An important movie to begin to know the mad genius of the legendary Jesus Franco.