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Robot Monster

At the end, someone has managed to eliminate the human race. So far, so again, given the numerous attempts. The problem is that we be killed by the most absurd and worse equipped aliens beings as part of a film of 1953 that entered in the history of B movies and is considered one of the worst movies of all time (behind the great Ed Wood Plan 9). Cult.

"Robot Monster" is an legendary opera that is worth knowing and seeing mostly because of its utter boredom and a handicraft that doesn't spares nothing and nobody.
Already from the plot, totally flat, which inspired the movie "Invaders From Mars" came out a few months earlier for the "20thFox. And we must How mention the location, the Bronson Canyon in California, unique set used for this film shot entirely outdoors.

But the best of "Robot Monster" is under the chapter of aliens extacly under the history and the legend that surround them.  The suit of aliens is always the same divided by two actors who play the invaders.
One of the two interpreters is also the owner of the alien costume, a little 'special course, since it is composed of a disguise as a gorilla with an astronaut helmet, bizarre but able to compensate for the lack of something more credible.

We can say that "Robot Monster" boasts pictures ... uh ... highly suggestive. Apocalyptic scenes in which two lizards (rubber) have been fighting fiercely and short scenes of the same movements made in "stop motion." Actually the case of remnants taken from other films like "One Million BC"  1949, and "The Lost Continent" 1951.

"Robot Monster" is exactly that. A nice mix of things and ideas spans much at random, with an acting and a shooting  small summary. Besides being a work that became from "encyclopedia" "Robot Monster" has generated an endless series of legends.

Contrary to what one might imagine "Robot Monster", presented in 3D, was a huge success at the box office, only to be devalued and criticized over the years. The director Phil Tucker attempted suicide. For many it was due to criticism of his work, but more likely as mentioning other sources was a mixture of depression and problems with production that would not pay him.
On balance "Robot Monster" passes "Plan 9 From Outer Space" which precedes it and shared in different classifications of ugliness like a great movie with a memorable storyline. Imagine '. If Ed Wood imagined a kind of "ultimatum" of aliens, Tucker goes beyond already seeing the destruction of mankind and the near-domination of the invaders.
Ro-Man (the alien with a gorilla suit) is a very bad extra terrestrial has exterminated the entire human race, except that eight people have been able to develop a system immune to the lethal radius of Ro-Man.
But the great leader of the aliens-gorilla commands that the work must be completed. But Ro-Man attracted from a girl refuses, forcing the Grand Chief to finish the job. But the story seems to be a dream of a child who finally wakes up.
The final curiosity is that the music is composed by Elmer Bernstein, himself the great composer who in addition to this music even B-movies "Cat-Women Of The Moon" that we already talked about.