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If We were in the turkish government we declare war to Hollywood and American media!

Because here we are facing an international boycott in a cover-up culture that makes this film does not appear in any "Superman". We add fuel to the fire: this is not even the first turkish movie on this subject that had previously inspired in 1969 and in 1971 two others directors.
The Turkish version of the hero with the "S" on his chest, back to us through the network and especially thanks to the reprinting of an Greek Production enterprise "Onar Films" that re-mastered it and added extras.
"Donuyor Supermen" is one of those movies that fill with joy the lovers of a certain cinema "off." One of those chapters where everything is very traditional, adjusted badly and leaning against a history for dummies. A masterpiece.
It must be said, however, for the benefit of this version, if Clark Kent has to be a little 'nerd, the one that is the closest to this description it's the turkish Tayfun Demir (literally Steel Typhoon) that beats by far his fellow Americans with all due respect to  Christopher Reeves.
Kunt Tulga the director was active in the seventies, and already "famous" for the turkish Tarzan , he generates this movie after seeing "Superman II" but this film is not a remake, but is a separate chapter of what could be the brother fell into the Mediterranean of the famous hero of "Smallville."
The beginning is still the same. Tayfun lives in a country house with the adoptive parents that one day reveal his true identity, in a very melodramatic scene. Then we find Tayfun, who known that he is a superman, as journalist at the "Dunya" a shabby local newspaper, where he works, and in which we find the Lois Lane of the story. The beautiful girl is called Alev and is also the daughter of a famous professor who has studied and found a meteorite called "Kryptonite" that could solve the world's energy problems. An aide instead felt thanks to a machine (actually a projector ...), that the stone can turn anything into gold.
This gives rise to conflicts, which are ground between car chases, special effects and a non-existent acting impassive witness a long series of kidnappings foiled by all "Supermen." The one of Alev, that of a professor and finally even to the detriment of the poor girl.
Far from the rays, from incredible flying, the turkish hero limited to work things out with big fights vaguely credible and with sound oversized compared to what you see .
Rarely our Tayfun show his super powers. Only in two cases, one in which with "x-ray" he sees a woman in lingerie and another in which he stopped two trains, but they are visibly braking. He had also a super-hearing and a flair to understand that something is going to happen, but nothing short of superhuman.
The Supermen turkish goes down in history for being a true revolutionary, we like to see her so, as confessing publicly to the world his true identity, he leaving the beautiful Alev and going in search of his home planet (which is still exploded ...). Remarkable. Things that his  americans "cousins" would not dream of doing.
Commitment to give us something decent is huge, the result a bit 'less, but this film is a must. The best is with the scenes in flight, in which a doll, probably the "Ken" of Barbie, is suspended in the air with images that slide back and with the air that moves the mantle.
Also to underline the significant "indifference" of copyright. Tulga catche for the soundtrack a bit from all, apart from the "Superman" even American "007" Ennio Morricone and Giorgio Moroder. A cult.