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Die Stewardessen

The fertile mind of Erwin C.Dietrich couldn't touch a sensible point of the male fantasy: the hostess.
Because, let's not be hypocrites, who has never been fascinated by the hostess or at least attracted by the airplane? Don't hide this aspect a little 'Freudian and above all pay tribute to this movie that puts all  fantasies on film.

The great Swiss producer and director, a legend of european exploitation and soft-core European direct and produce this film in 1971.

Nothing too complicated or sophisticated, this movie is very thin and easy work, like many others of Dietrich. Fast and agile wins because of the easy of its plot: illustrate the sexual exploits of four nice hostess. From New York to Berlin, via Rome and Copenhagen, our heroes live a nice life, let fly the imagination of the passangers or the pilots. Not to mention the hours spent on the ground.
The film is all here, therefore, and also presents some comical moments, background of a plot/excuse to see quite a few 'soft-core scenes.

Commercial success, it inspires a sort of sequel "Die Betthostessen" and especially "Naughty Stewardesses" of another genius of the "B's", Al Adamson.
If the whole thing is very simple thing that raises the quality is the soundtrack, with the typical sounds of the time, well-structured wandering between pop-jazz and easy listening.
A film that we recommend in the end, especially those who are afraid of flying. It doesn't solve the problem, but you can pass the time thinking about the private life of the hostess.

The volcanic Dietrich, Swiss director and producer that we will see often in the company of Jess Franco and on these pages, strikes again with a clever movie and especially with Ingrid Steeger, her blonde discovery of "Ich Eine Groupie", here she is the most famous name and certainly did not disappoint.

Fact Sheet

Original title: Die Stewardessen
Alternative Titles: The hostesses (Italy) Lentoemäntien vapaapäivä (Finland), Les hôtesses du sexe (France) Naked Stewardesses, The Swingin 'Stewardesses, The Swinging Stewardesses, Sweet Sensations (USA) to Jacto Sexo (Portugal)
Year: 1971

Country: Switzerland

Directed by: Erwin C.Dietrich
Cast: Evelyne Traeger, Ingrid Steeger, Kathrin Heberle, Magrit Siegel,
Duration: 87 '
Production Company: VIP