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Le Lunghe Notti Della Gestapo

Here is a guide on how accurate throw a good idea. Here we have a Nazi exploitation which departs from the classical canon, forgetting prisoners, torture and rivers of blood, preferring in-house development with members of the Third Reich and the German bourgeoisie absolute protagonists.

But here is also serious intellectual intentions and repeated references to other films "Il Portiere di Notte" and "Salon Kitty" for example, who drove us to boring.
It's a sin because the direction is not not bad always lookin for images and solutions rather than decent for the genre.

A real opportunity thrown away. It 'as this gives us this film that had it not been that described above would be a good work. Translated: it was another film would be here talking about a masterpiece. Instead Fabio De Agostini director and screenwriter wasted the good intentions of an history that start from the year 1941.
A historic day that recalls the flight, the flight or the betrayal of Rudolph Hess flew to England. After this one of Hess'loyalists Uhland is processed. Uhland has the last chance to save his life with a mission. He must trap and drop into into a big scandal a few middle-class Germans suspected of being against the regime.
The scandal has deeply sexual and victims are invited to a weekend in an elegant castle full of hot chicks. In reality there will be no repercussion. The Gestapo is involved exterminating all. Girls and accomplices including, in an end that reminds a lot the "night of long knives."

The darkness and the elegance of the places does the rest and making this movie more and more difficult to see. The Eros of the movies tries to give himself a tone, playing on seduction without forgetting the trash that is achieved by erotic number good for the worst club of the "sex tourism" locations.