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Love Letters Of a Portuguese Nun

Aka The nunsploitation in the capable hands of Jess Franco.  What’s on? Tits, violence, sex and blood as the most his extreme movies? Or velvety eros as those of early seventies? And Lina Romay is the protagonist? Surprise ... none of this, or better than an average mathematics of things.
"Love Letters ..." inspired more than anything else in the title of a book published in 1669 in the form of letters and attributed to a Portuguese nun is a film that displaces a bit 'by counting the theme and the fact legitimate expectations related to the proper name of Franco.

Actually this is a film that shows the different fees and narrative style of the great Spanish director, who creates a pretty pretty good for the genre.
The fees of such classics style of the genre certainly not lacking, medieval setting, a monastery and the perversion of religious attracted by the devil, sex and physical punishment.
And after all the hot scenes of this movie are very few and the peak arrives with the orgy with the devil. For the rest the “hot” things are more intuitive.
The fact that there isn’t the sensual Lina Romay, detracts from the movie some eros substitute by the  innocence of a naive sixteen year old who, for the avoidance of doubt, never appears naked.
Then the good eye of Franco give to use very good shots, that make a pair with his usual symbolisms.
The result is a story that holds well throughout. Sure, occasionally there is some unnecessary scenes and also the antagonist a local prince, is a bit 'stuck to the plot not to mention an ending too quick.
The story narrates the life of Mary, the sixteen year old, caught by Father Vicente in affectionate behavior with a boy. The priest convinces the family to give to him the girl and take her to a convent run by the mothers Alma.
The monastery is voted more to the devil an sex, than God. Mary is at the mercy of pleasures and wishes of Alma and Vicente, and its purity is sacrificed for and by the devil who appears in a ritual dedicated to him. Tired of all punishment Maria tries to escape, but she is found and recovered and then to the inquisitor tribunal that decide to burn the gril. As a final outburst, Maria, writes a letter to God and then throw it out the window. The letter ends up directly in the hands of the local Prince who arrive in the moment of the executions. Freedom for Maria, punishment for the other.
The brief cameo of the spectacular monastery of Belem (the Archbishop's residence here) add value to the movie. The cast is composed of Susan Hemingway (Maria) no link with Ernest, Zanatta Ana (Alma) note at home and Herbert Fux in the role of the devil. He is an austrian actor who then start a long political career. It seem the he hasn’t left the evil world