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Bamboo House Of Dolls

Japanese imperialists to conquer China. There is for sure that the Emperor and the Japanese government would have been proud of these soldiers on a mission. Atrocious and cruel. Strong in the martial arts. Good with sword and guns. Yes ok, funny dressed, a bit 'strange and sometimes quite demented. But you can not have it all.

"Bamboo House Of Dolls" is a great "Women In Prison" made in Hong Kong in 1973 that draws clear inspiration from the" Big Doll House "produced by  Corman some years before.

Aside from recalling the sad fact of history, that during the Second World War, Chinese women were for the consumption of Japanese soldiers, the film by Kuei Chih-Hung is a long and entertaining B movie that mixes a lot 'of stuff. From WIP, to the sexploitation, to the naziexploitation to martial arts to finish even with a small tribute to Russ Meyer. Shabby enough to have fighting scenes in which fight start with the sun and end with the moon with a handful of 6 / 7 women that keep in check a large numbers of soldiers   armed to teeth.
How naziexploitation wants, the villains are (a little ') stupid maniacs, and especially to the point of abusing prisoners. Among these is a very consensual and increased bare who moving to the music scared to death of the soldier "turn." And here's a tribute to Russ Meyer.

The presence of Lo Lieh a big star of Kung-Fu movies of the '60s and '70s provides the look and "martial arts". And if the plaintiff brings his Asian art itself can be said, but physically, the Danish actress Birte Tove driving a small group of prisoners, some European Red Cross raked in a hospital and in part found in some Chinese remote country.
They and others are caught in this sordid camp ruled by a series of ambiguous figures among them, could not miss, a lesbian soldier. All in mini-dress blue often show the slip does not disdain to remain topless especially at night.
Aside What the fulcrum of the plot focuses on the escape of these women. Without strongly desired by the Chinese resistance, only because in the group there is the wife of their leader who has confessed to the point of death where there is a huge treasure (gold bars) stolen from the Japanese and now very useful to purchase weapons .
Attempts to escape and then are several film and push toward a version of trash / sexy dementia of "The Great Escape". The traitor and spy does not fail but the plan is successful, inter alia, in the most absurd and unbelievable. Hunting with the fugitive following a revolt which led the field was the interpreter (Lo Lieh) creates a long series of fights and shootings and fun until the very bloody bloody and melodramatic finale.