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La Poliziotta Fa Carriera

The much-vaunted working flexibility so wanted by politicians and industrialists is one thing that makes a mockery to divine Edwige Fenech. Even before our "modern times" she has adapted, as known, to a myriad of crafts. We save the list but among them, how could possibly miss the cop? Of course not. And to emphasize this role there is the trilogy police signed by Michele Massimo Tarantini. A series that began in 1975 with the movie in question, followed by "La Poliziotta della Squadra Del Buon Costume" of 1979 and ending with "La Poliziotta a New York" in 1981.
A trilogy that we can define low and that apart from the trash, heavy beats and the usual nudity, has two points worthy of note. The first is inspired by the beautiful movie of Steno "La Poliziotta" with Mariangela Melato and Alberto Vianello and the second is that the distinctive Fenech with a very successful parody of the "poliziotteschi" movies.

For everything else takes care of the divine Edwige Fenech. On her beauty, needless to say, rests the architecture of the three films completed as usual by Comic Relief represented by comic / characters in the foreground.
The Heroin is Gianna Amicucci. So dumb and unbeatable at the same time she has a only dream: career in police department. In this first film, the objective is to join the police. Daughter of a janitor, girlfriend of a policeman (Michele Gammino) she fails a one million requests to be admitted to the course. When she has admitted she proving the she is unable and completely unsuitable.

But we are in Italy. And so just a phone call of an important politician (played by Roco Gigi  Ballista) to make that Gianna is promoted and assigned to a commissary. The command, however, is already especially with the Commissioner's Antinori to direct (the always mythical Carotenuto) and the police do everything Tarallo interpreted by a clownish Alvaro Vitali.
All the missions of our Gianna end up in a colossal flop until they accidentally end up in the wake of the criminal Borotalco (Riccardo Garrone), followed and captured after a colossal / dementia and long chase scene. Prizes and awards final for our heroine.
Between gag and Tormentoni (potent than the cry of Antinori "Taralloooo!") And some vulgar joke or two-way "La Poliziotta Fa Carriera" is a play nicely trash at the right point, in particular a strong cast of stars appropriate to the history and characters.