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Killers From Space

Douglas Martin thirty-two, a six feet, blond, blue eyes, scientist. If you are women you sure enjoy this character. If you re men you rejoice at the fact that this "pretty face" is one of the many individuals who have jeopardized our planet.
"Killers From Space" is a sci-fi of 1954, directed by W. Lee Wilder, the brother of none other than Billy. A relationship that is proof that "art" is not a question of genes in common.
"Killers From Space" is a B-movie rather boring that is revealed in full after just thirty-two minutes and concludes with a quick and easy solution.
The special effects are absolutely equal to the worst sci-fi, reaching a climax, a bit 'as always, towards the aliens. The aliens are intelligent and they speaking an excellent English and they have a human aspect at least they have two bulging expressionless eyes which give a surprisingly comic look at everything.
Just to give depth and raise people's fears of the time, Wilder put into the context atomic bombs, and experiments in a classical way with original films taken from documentaries.

Near the site of these experiments, known as "Ground Zero", the aliens Astron Delta built their headquarters for the conquest of our planet. Martin instructed to collect data of the experiments is close to the area and his plane crashes attracted by a mysterious force. Even more mysteriously him, after a few days, come home safe  but without remembering what happened in the time of the accident.

The solution to the mystery involving this  bulging-eyes aliens, who recovered Martin and brought back him to life to use as a "Trojan horse" to invade the Earth, because their planet is no longer usable. They are hi-tech intelligent and powerful but they need a normal man for conquest the planet...

We don't investigated further, because so much Martin, even if completely subject to the invaders, resists and with a brilliant idea saves us.

Long dialogues and confused discussions on energy and technology form the core of the film that is very difficult to follow. Some animal glued to film and some alien language complete all. Don't remeber the expressionless aliens

Peter Graves (Martin) found a way to redeem himself and make a long and glittering career still active. He plays a wide variety of films, was also the pilot of the two "Airplane!" and he act also in some television series among which include "Mission Impossible". He won a Golden Globe Award " in 1971.