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Porno Holocaust

Huge animals and a highly gifted monster live on a desert island, the set of nuclear tests in the past. This is enough to frame "Porno Holocaust", like an unmissable and brilliant scult. Joe D’Amato in his Caribbean horror porn period gives us a trash film of undisputed value. The craziest of this period. An almost non-existent horror plot, the total absence of splatter moments, on a slender and predictable story that rather than discovering the results of man's madness, prefers to show the protagonists that have sex at every possible moment, sometimes summarizing the events in long chat scenes.
Explicit porn scenes of all types and positions, including straight, lesbian, threesome, fellatio, 69, with the good Mark Shannon, Lucia Ramirez and Annj Goren the latter, among other things, in visible difficulty in a scene with two black actors, as protagonists, to which is added Dirce Funari in some exclusively soft-core moments.
So much sex, pulled in by force, that ours takes forty minutes and more before setting the story and reaching the island that should be at the centre of history.
Everything "revolves" around the aforementioned legend of a desert island that would be inhabited by huge animals and perhaps by a genetically modified monstrous human. Thus, three biologists, a physicist, the ship's captain and the crew, all horny, leave for this adventure and end up meeting the monster between many sex moments, and he of course is horny too and he kills them with his huge penis.
Brother of "The Erotic Night of the Living Dead", with which he shares not only part of the plot (but there are no zombies here) but also a practically identical cast, with George Eastman, Mark Shannon, Dirce Funari plus Lucia Ramirez who is the replacement in the D'Amato’s imagery of Laura Gemser but available in porn scenes.
D’Amato in all this does not forget to insert hilarious scenes that frame this work even more. The journalist who wanders incognito near the swimming pool of the hotel of the scientists, with black goggles so as not to get caught, but is the only present apart from the protagonists! Or the monster who kills the character of Dirce Funari with a fellatio or even the ending with this being at the peak of his murderous madness makes the gesture of killing the commander, but is stopped by the scientist Annie with a simple "Numuro don’t do it”. The monster magically collapses and the two flee. And what to say then, the two survivors run away, shipwrecked and in the most complete drift in the open sea, instead of worrying they have sex.
Anyway the good Aristide, it must be recognized, also scores a couple of well-studied sex scenes such as the one between Dirce Funari and Annj Goren on a log in front of the sea.
"Porno Holocaust" is in the end an unmissable film, which despite everything, despite its ugliness makes us a lot of, sympathy.