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Female Vampire

A livid scenario. It's 'a forest. A figure walking slowly through the fog. Is a woman. Dressed only in a cloak, boots and belt. Coming at us with eyes spirits. She slams into the camera.
So begins "Female Vampire" film by Jess Franco in 1973, one of the most poetic films of the director but also one of the most discussed.
As usual we are faced with a work marred by a myriad of different versions that create a huge confusion. Between versions horror is passed to the most erotic version and then conclude with a porno (details in our data sheet), with classic inlays and post-production not filmed by the director.

The version we saw was indeed "Female Vampire" one of the most famous, the one that mixes horror and eroticism. Here we have  Lina Romay here nineteen years in her  debut, after having impressed in the theater Franco and  ready to become his muse as well his life partner.
The decadence and the sadness of funds, coupled with some pretty bruising scenarios, suggest that Franco wanted to pass on to film the deep sadness of the untimely death of his muse Soledad Miranda.
In fact, the result is, for us, perhaps to signify a small supreme disorientation. But here's the catch critics and the public are divided equally between those who think "Female Vampire" is a great film, and who defines it disappointing. Certainly is a film that does not pass unnoticed since the exuberant beauty of the heroine and the strange and warm version of a vampire story. A theme that Franco at length many times in his career, always providing a different view.
Another certainty is that the production has spent very little in clothes considering that our  Lina wanders around in the story  covered only by a cape or a thin transparent layers of fabric. Minimal production well, although, as legend has it, Franco had just won the lottery.
Lina Romay explodes in the character of the Countess Irina Von Karlstein descendant of a dynasty of vampires that feeds the life blood to stay young and beautiful but has to suck the life (the joke is easy right?) During sex. So she goes around in the  island of Madeira having sex with anyone, including women, invigorating her body and spirit having a scene of autoerotism too.

While the police as  say "groping in the dark," Dr. Roberts, a sort of Van Helsing, played by Franco, discovers the true identity of Irina, same thing for Dr.Orloff (name dear to the Spanish director) another scientist/doctor. Irina instead continues on his way, allowing even telepathic interview, very funny and collapsing just before the love that the cons umer to the decision to commit suicide. But his spirit will live on the island.

A very linear, and as I said at the disposal of the body of Romay that does not hide anything. Excellent soundtrack, easy-listening, with sounds from porn.

Simplicity as the core for a Jess Franco, who certainly impressed us most in other chapters of his large crowds and filmography. In any case get bitten by a vampire so, there is certainly a tragedy.