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Il Boss

Palermo by night. So dark and so dangerous with  a nucleus of persons get ready to betray. A fast story, not bad at all, that close the trilogy of the "Milieu" by Di Leo
(Milan Caliibro 9, La Mala Ordina) moving the story from the north to the south.  Another chapter that is flawless, perfect, tense, interesting and violent at the right point. Keeps well up the tension from beginning to end and yet another one of his becoming prime example of "noir" Italian.
At times prophetic, revealing, accuser, Di Leo tells a story in which the mafia gangs are ready to negotiate and make agreements with each other and especially with politics.
Paradoxically, this work really came to offend an Italian politician, Giovanni Gioia, who feel called into question, and even appointed bury Di Leo then, years later, to withdraw the accusation.
An episodo so small but very significant that reveal how Di Leo 
was going to touch a sensitive nerve that from there a few years will prove to be sadly real

"Il Boss" has no heroes or villains from the good heart. Here all the characters are ruthless, negative or corrupt, power-hungry enough to step on the word of honor. One thing that comes to a climax with the end of the film in which it appears superimposed the word "Continue" which makes it more dense and tragic.
The action in "The Boss" explodes from the start giving immediately a violent accelerated to all: a massacre of a mafia clan  brutally murdered in a cinema during a private screening of a porno movie. Shortly afterwards another shock with the description of the Commissioner Torri. A policeman very  ambiguous, whose sinister moves suggest that he is in cahoots with the boss in office, officially stating to regret the times when the order was established by the clan.

And here described the view, in which all these shady characters give life to climb the power which spares no one.
The cinema-killer movie is called Lanzetta, played by a cold, cynical Henry Silva (perhaps his best performance) and as a gesture to  revenge the enemy clan kidnap the
uninhibited daughter of the boss D'Aniello.
 Lanzetta is in charge of recovering the girl, while Don Corrasco, supreme leader, working with opponents of diplomacy and the men of law. But dog eat dog, and through treachery, murder and extermination only one remains alive. Yet.
Excellent direction, almost equal to the legendary "Milano Calibro 9", which manages to highlight the pivotal moments, the ambiguity of the characters and the cruelty of history.
In addition to a masterful Henry Silva in the cast stands out the figure of Richard Conte, "the chief of chiefs" Carrasco. Conte notorious actor famous for roles in films like this is known to history as a rival of the Corleone in "The Godfather". Here his skill generates a strong character.
Rina D'Aniello is instead played by Antonia Santilli meteor in the early seventies, beautiful and simple, was elected in 1971 Playmate of August, unfortunately, played a few films, some decamerotic, soon to leave the world of entertainment.
Among other names still reported a spectacular cast and Vittorio Caprioli Gianni Garko.
"The Boss" is a true Italian masterpiece and is inspired by the novel "The Mafioso" by McCurtin from which it departs for the location, the main character and the ending.