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Zombie - Self Defense Force

It starts with an incredible revival of national japanese pride, that displaces the viewer in the first minutes of viewing. A voice-over talks on a Japanese flag waving and  saying heavy things on American politics and the hypocrisy of the world.
Then everything fades into phrases of admiration of American culture and the figure of George Romero. Immediately after the official film STARTED crowds and trash, in part parody, part homage to Romero. A crowd, a carousel of endless bizarre things and situations that make this movie a fun and seedy B-movies. Director Tomomatsu part of "Zombie Self-Defense Force" anything he can think of. Splatter, horror, zombies (of course), yakuza, sci-fi and critical morality.
It happens all over in this film, since a UFO crashed near Mount Fuji and flooded with a green radius all nearby forest above. The dead come back to life, including a war hero, while in a patrol of soldiers doing drill, two yakuza are executing a man, a pop singer is making a photographic set and two lovers in a house nearby, are arguing heatedly until the death of one of the two. Caos.

All these characters end up in a large agglomeration of people in perpetual flight from the zombies that end up besieging the house, the last bastion. Clear reference to Romero. What's more, the military patrol was also composed of a cyborg who avenges the death of his comrades. Everything that goes in the middle is easy to imagine: death, blood, guts, friends that turn etc.etc.

Too much of it safely and in fact sometimes "Zombie Self-Defense Force" becomes difficult to follow. But all things considered, the result is trash so as to be sympathetic.
Behind the camera there is Naoyuki Tomomatsu young Japanese director from the interesting curriculum that making one a bit 'of splatter and some porn.