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Chained  Fury : Lesbian Slave Desire

For the first five minutes of this film there is a good director, with continue flashback that form a parallel story that introduces the history and central character.
Too bad there's still a lot 'of film and after seeing the story (what?) Becomes a long and continuous container absurdities and paradoxes that are to see several soft-core lesbian scenes that have the desire to become hard.
No fault on the choice of actresses, all of the Czech Republic or Europe and much fault with the curriculum "B Movie" by the Polish / Canadian Lloyd A. Simandl, but this film is really boring.
Could and perhaps would be the relative of the "Women In Prison" but the complete lack of action in favor of the presence of hot scenes more or less improbable push him more towards the erotic genre.

The plot, total pretext, as the protagonist played by Cassandra Marcela Hodna psychopathic killer accused of murdering her boyfriend and his mistress. Cassandra is admitted to a psychiatric clinic where species with a "1-2" of incredible intelligence and wit, she manages to escape and convince the boss of the clinic that she is the right person for his shady deals, overdrafts, even here, with ease and intelligence in comparison to Sherlock Holmes pale.

So the blonde and beautiful Cassandra becomes the head of this project and educates young criminal who kidnaps women and then resold to meet ... the classic pleasures. She teaches and is not ashamed to try some of the material available, to twist (you know that stuff ...) final.
Production Czech / Canadian shot almost entirely indoors takes some label "Czechploitation" but in general is not suitable for those who love the textures and prefers to thinly.