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Black Belt Jones

Kung fu, blaxploitation, Mafia. We missing Mexicans and Native Americans and then more or less all minorities in the States are quoted in this 1974 film that has funky and trash very everywhere.

According to some survey "Black Belt Jones" deserves to be in the list of the fifty worst films ever done. We don’t agree, because this blaxplotation is foolish enough to be likeable. The director Robert Clouse known for martial arts film manages to create a rare blend of insanity, putting together exactly what was said at the beginning.

The plot then try to be quite elaborate (search for emphasis) with insane action scenes that go down in history as well as the final very expected and also for the scream of Jones that is always sampled. There is a great soundtrack, it must be said, an excellent funky carpet composed of one of the great guitarists of  Motown Dennis Coffey.

So here we are in Los Angeles in a place where the mafia wants to build new buildings but must face a small martial arts gym owned by Pop Byrd that does not want to leave the site. But Pop has to deal with Pinky a drug dealer/pimp who owes money. Pinky is indebted to the mafia clan of  Big Tuna.

When Pinky after several threats unwittingly kills Pop unleashed revenge. And here enters Black Belt Jones (Jim Kelly),a great martial artist, an old friend of Pop, who from his villa on the beach moves in the city to settle with the evil and save the gym. At his side we find the attractive daughter of Sidney Pop back in LA after the death of his father (she doesn’t saw him since he was five years old) and she is expert in martial arts too and fascinated by Black Belt Jones.

Our heroes plans to beat the bad guys, rounding off with an ocean scene at a car wash near lodging of garbage trucks.

Warner Bros distributes this movie. And not to much satisfied with that does not "Black Belt Jones" relaunched two years later with a sequel,"Hot Potato",always with Jim Kelly.