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Quel Gran Pezzo Dell'Ubalda

The Trash masterpiece. It is a work of genius italics. Mariano Laurenti in 1972 created the best example of "Decamerotico" managed to touch the bottom so as to generate a masterpiece of the genre. Everything is very trashy. Vulgar is vulgar, it is ambiguous in every scene, mischievous and comical characters rather modest.

But everything is in harmony so that comes out of tune in the history of law. The ridicule boccacesca is the basic ingredient of a film that does not miss a move.

Interpreters are more than ever justified. Pippo Franco the male protagonist of the film is adequate in the role of Olimpio De Pannocchieschi loser and vulgar soldier returning home after a war. As is shoulder Umberto D'Orsi, a legendary character in the guise of nearby Oderisi Master and Brother quarrelsome a rather shrewd prelate played by Pino Ferrara familiar face like that and especially the drama "Un Medico in Famiglia"

But most of all the protagonists of the film are Edwige Fenech and Karin Schubert. An explosion of beauty and malice, a pairing explosive. The peak reaches him, it must be said, the divine Fenech with a legendary scene considered one of the sexiest Italian
genre in which she runs in topless.

The theme of the film as you can imagine is sex and betrayal. Olimpio returning from war has a craving to go back to bed with his wife Fiamma (Karin Schubert), which during his absence has hosted an endless series of lovers.  But some moments before sex, Fiamma hide the key chastity belt, the one that her husband brought with him, and so she delay the sex. Nearby Mastro Olderisi there is Ubaldo the jealous husband  of another cheerful woman who becomes the object of desire of Olimpio. Attempts coarse, well-known that the faux painter, conspiracies and betrayals until the two are put offside with one another. The only one who enjoys the favors of the two ladies, a part the lovers as well, is the cunning Friar Manesco.

Resounding success at the box office for a film that is still famous. Panned by critics, re-evaluated retrospectively, rapresent a sexy comedy is a harmless and very light, not bad for the genre. It's a little 'funny to think that time was even prohibited to minors and later broadcast on television in the censored version. In any case, a cornerstone of Italian genre cinema, one of the best films of Mariano Laurenti and among the more "promoters" of the beauty of Fenech.