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Quella Villa Accanto Al Cimitero

Needless to say where this movie takes place. And despite the title  take off a bit 'of surprises (what can happen in a house next to the cemetery?), We can say that Lucio Fulci worthily concludes his trilogy of terror (better known as "death") that includes the masterpiece " Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore L'Aldilà "
In this film, the director sits on a classical structure very obvious. Sometimes  seems that he take cues from arch-known films, as "Shining" by Kubrick.  The movie push more and more players to the disaster and horror stereotypes and the proverbial insistence of the main characters.
It is "Inspired", but also is a source of inspiration for other films, see "The House" or rather "the" Raimi or the "House of 1000 Corpses" by Rob Zombie.
But back to the villa. Although the references and inspirations may accompany easily be said that good Fulci manages to achieve a worthy horror mixing with wise madness, suspense, and real splatter and phobias.
Three months after "L'aldllà ..." Fulci is back at work, tireless and throws himself into this work completed in just four months.

Here we are in the States, a small town called New Whitby clearly in New England.
The Boyle family moves to New York in this small rural town because  Norman the father, known university professor, must continue the studies of a colleague, Peterson, mysteriously committed suicide. The fact is that the son of Norman, the little Bob tries in every way to dissuade the family, as warned by a mysterious girl who appears only to him (but is not that the "Sixth Sense" ...?) .
Obviously nothing to do, the family ends up in this house from gloomy air and problems soon followed. Voices, sounds, noises and squeaks disquiet mother and child, while a real estate agent seeking in every way not to move house to the family. In fact, the monster is there, living in a sealed basement and is name is Freudstein known scientist of the past century who discovered immortality by feeding and using parts of people, taking all those who have lived in the villa with particular emphasis on children. Beginning with his daughter.

Murder victims, an ax, heads rolling, blood, bats and a dark, small and narrow. There is everything in this work certainly be seen and appreciated even in the face of horror that I t arrived later.