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Io Gilda



Every opportunity is good for a healthy fuck. Excuse us for the good manner but Andrea Bianchi, Andrew White if you prefer, director of which we have already spoken for  "Malabimba "and "Naked To The murderess" , create this film in 1989 reflecting a love for the mingling genres.

However this  is not a thriller, not a drama and if you're interested in is not even a porn. Dunno ... a soft core that points still hard with a story that recalls the good 'Nude For The murderess " but that is hidden between breasts and genitals.

A total trash, not even funny, rather boring and shabby, with an aura of the eighties, which has several holes (in the sense of story, what do you understand?). Ok, the goal was not to revive the myth of Hitchcock and perhaps even anticipate the success of "Basic Istinct" also true that Andrea Bianchi is not the famous British director  or Verhoeven but in "Io Gilda" nothing works.

 The Mafioso Max a gangster who apparently deals only in women because he doesn't do anything else in all movie, opened with Lulu (Valentine Demy) lesbian convinced a strip club.  But Lulu's girlfriend is mysteriously died during sexual intercourse. The woman in collaboration with the police try to investigate  in the life of Max  and Spartacus a foreign diplomat and friend of man, suspected of murder. To trap Max, Lulu hires Gilda (Pamela Prati) that makes a strip during the birthday party of Max. Max sees Gilda and see in her  the beauty of the character played by Rita Hayworth. Gilda become a lover of Max, and she is forced to play  erotic and perverse games. Gilda, when Max is away, is always escort by a "picciotto" of Max, a her old lover and they remeber the past very often.

Max discovers the affair and of course there are big trouble for Gilda.  She is kidnapped and forced to have sex with max and Spartacus,  then killed.  But Lulu is very clever and save Gilda. The truth comes out, the bad guys die while Gilda finally and officially can have a good time with Alex.  Memorable scenes of absurd situations trash and concepts see a dialogue at the background to be taken with naked woman. It has also several unsuccessful attempts to give itself an erotic film serious tone.

Apart from everything and a part acting bad to be said that Bianchi  always shows that it can choose its good actresses. Here plays almost everything on the statuesque beauty of the famous Pamela Prati, which affects the performance of Valentine Demy supporting actress in many films Pisan erotic nudes became well known in the nineties that we do not hide anything from the room.