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Flesh Eating Mothers


Here's what would happen if the "Desperate Housewives" were infected by a virus and turned into zombie cannibals. Carnage. Husbands, boyfriends, lovers torn apart and chewed greedily. A peaceful American suburb became a self-service open air

You will agree with us, the idea is not bad and is very funny. It 's the core of this American film of 1988 directed by James A. Martin.

"Flesh Eating Mothers" search the arduous task of splatter and be a parody of themselves. Difficult task considering that the "splatter" results in his already insane parody and this movies sometimes succeeds in its heavily on trying and sometimes fallsinto patterns and ideas rather than expected.

On balance, however, this film is genuinely quiet and light trash flowing from start to finish and always on balance a vision of itself does not hurt anyone. Strengths are the creation of monsters, the shedding of blood (consider year and budget) and an excellent soundtrack. We said that we are in the peaceful town America, where life goes on between meetings of friends, lovers, children going to school and leaving at night. But above all the life there is made exciting by a scientist Casanova that slowly infects "mothers" of a venereal disease that turns them into ruthless cannibals. Yes very ruthless they are, because the meat preferred is the one of their children.

 Abundant carnage raw meat consumed in large quantities until the usual cunning and very intelligent guys stop the epidemic and even cure some mom. Whets the appetite. To see before meals. But no children around.