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Confessione di un commissario al Procuratore Della Repubblica


If you watch this movie and then you read a newspaper of these years, you will doubt that this is a contemporary opera. This happens with a lot of detective films or noir of the seventies, we have already said several times, but every time we have to emphasize the extraordinary vision of the directors of the time. So this is also for this 1971's film by Damiano Damiani, pointing to collusion between the mafia, politics and builders. Should not we add another.

Damiani builds a good crime film, which uses more words than action that keeps attention focused on, careening unfortunately end too dismissive and trivial compared to what we saw earlier.

But before the final half slip it works really well. Good against evil. Mafia against the law. Betrayal. Collusion. Law "sick of justice" and ready to exaggerate to make a clean sweep.

Franco Nero accompanies us in this history with a performance cold and impassive, showing one side across the skill of the actor and the other describes the canons of human justice that are then used, even from himself, in the “poliziottesco” strand.

Dr Traini (Franco Nero) is the Deputy Public Prosecutor appointed to investigate the suspicious death of a convict Michele Li Puma released from a psychiatric hospital and author of a failed assassination attempt against the boss Lomunno.

But behind This strange case is seen the shadow of Mr Bonavia (Martin Balsam). The man was a little 'ambiguous, helped by the faithful Michael Gammino (he notes the shoulder of a myriad of b-movie), both tired by the wave of crime  and ready to break the law to eliminate the mob. Bonavia is a negative hero that inevitably collides with Traini, resulting avenger and then sacrifice the whole story, but also has the merit of opening eyes to the deputy prosecutor who sees drop the sanctity of law and dignitaries of the judiciary.

The crush comes as already said at the end, when exposed Bonavia now makes a gesture crazy and then getting arrested. Here comes melodramatic atmosphere more conducive with the absurd situation bizarre. For example Bonavia is in jail totally unprotected and surrounded by criminals who he himself convicted, or in the company of men close to the clan Lomunno. But patience "Confessione ..." is a good episode of police movie with mafia aurea.

Respectable cast that in addition to the great Franco Nero starring Martin Balsam (Bonavia) famous actor and performer of great movies as "Tora! Tora! "," Breakfast At Tiffany's," Psycho”, "Cape Fear" and won an Oscar in 1966 with "A Thousand Clowns". The other performers are familiar faces at the time as Marilu Tolo, Claudio Gora, Arturo Dominici.