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Senza Buccia


This is not a sexy movie. Not really. It 's a nudist movie. And to make matters worse the two protagonists are not any two, but two who have burn fantasies for years and years: Lilli Carati and Ilona Staller. To which is added the attractive Olga Karlatos that the mere fact of being the only in all films (except extras), to be always dressed is abale to cope with the two protagonists.

Without overlooking the premise it takes little imagination to realize that we are dealing with a work from the simple plot, very simple.

Italian/Spanish,  movie of 1979, directed by Marcello Aliprandi focuses entirely on worries and on sex desires of a group of young on holiday. The safe and womanizer Daniel, engaged to Barbara (Lilli Carati) and the young and inexperienced Giuliano just let go by his girlfriend. The three are spending their holidays at sea on the island of Vulcano  when crossing two nudist Norwegian Bjorn and Trella (obviously Ilona Staller). The two Scandinavians unite the three boys in the group, taking the naturist philosophy and in particular freedom of morals. Daniel goes wild for Trella, Barbara burns with jealousy and Julian falls in love with Adriana lady friend of the family that came into the house.
Youth problems, even an attempted suicide, sexy situations and argute strategies to win the girl/boy. And of course the almost total absence of clothing

Needless to mention Lilli Carati Ilona Staller and from here a few years share the same kind of film. Olga Karlatos instead  Greek actress famous for her eyes (both for the beauty that for a scene in "Zombi 2") has interpreted many films until the mid-eighties. The recall only for Fulci's film and also the role of Donatella Sassaroli in "Amici Miei" and a small part in "Once Upon a Time in America." Daniel is interpreted bya famous Spanish actor involved in theater and Iberian in fiction.

This is a  movie under the bark of nudism and eroticism seems to hide a little bit of philosophy and teachings of generations. Just to be good. Apart from the beauty of the characters the film is rather flat and predictable and poorly acted above. The best are the sea and the island.