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We have never identified  any special super-powers in Flash Gordon (if you known something about it...), but watching "Flesh Gordon" something we begin to understand. Yes, there is served a soft-core parody of 1974, six years ahead of the "official"  movie with Muti, Max Von Sydow and the music of Queen.
From the pun in the title, this film certainly does not hide behind hypocrisy, showing among other things, several interesting features and a realization really decent.

The story follows the plot of the official life of Flash Gordon but with characters translated. The perverted Emperor Wang on the planet Porno overwhelms the earth with the "Sex Ray" within which invites anyone to have sex. Flesh is currently located on a plane sitting next to the journalist Dale Ardor.

Apart from the orgy that start on the aircraft, our heros plunge after and direcly in the house of the scientist Dr. Jerkoff  which joins the two and on board of a spaceship shaped like a flying penis, they goes on the planet Porno to fight the evil Wang.

Here Dale becomes the favorite of Wang, while Flesh makes a great display of intelligence and art lovers. Aided by a proto-galactic Robin Hood our heroes overcome Wang, naturally after a deadly duel with "Great God Porno" a little monster similar to Godzilla and King Kong too that kidnaps Dale Ardor and produces an obscene monologue.

A very nice and successful film that takes the luxury of quoting and parodying other works as well as Flash Gordon.
The realization is an excellent craftsmanship that although rather convincing. Robot wrestling with giant penises, phallic-shaped spaceship, the creation of the monster and more. Great merit of a goood working group composed of persons who are already or would have done in a few years an important role in the film-industry.
The list is long, we have Michael Minor art director of "Star Trek", Greg Jein miniatures and special effects expert, he also worked on "Star Trek", John Dykstra who won two "Academy Awards" for special effects and mainly worked with George Lucas for" Star Wars " as well as other projects such as"Battlestar Galactica "and many others. We must don't forget, Rich Baker  notorious "Make Up Artist" and author of many tricks, among others
also to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" ,and finally Jim Danforth a master of the "Stop Motion" art  and the equally famous Dave Allen.The cast includes some well-known actors for roles who had appear in many movies and American series.
"Flesh Gordon" had a sequel in 1989 entitled "Flesh Gordon Meets The Cosmic Cheerleaders"