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L'invasione delle Api Regine


The attemp that a male has endangered the survival of mankind are endless and filled with a flood of films. And rightly so that once this task touches a woman. Rare event in the history of cinema, but is the central fact of this 1973 film that mixes sci-fi, horror and a bit 'of softcore.

We can read this movie in two different way, feminist (the liberated woman commanding and enslaves man) and sexist (the man who solves problems). It has a very simple implementation without special effects and even stage makeup with some very elaborate .

 Typical product of 70' "Invasion of queen bees" is nonetheless a film that lets you see and you can follow with ease and pleasure, a strong'm curious estuary, which has as its protagonist just a mad scientist . In a small town in California, strange events occur: several men are found dead, apparently of heart failure and consequence of unbridled sexual activity. On site cop Neil Agar who intervenes in a few easy steps and become friends and join in with another doctor, Julie Zorn. The spiral of death still does not stop and the authorities come almost to prohibit sex in the city. Investigations are continuing and leading to the laboratory Dr.Harris a scientist that has created a super race of women sex lover that during of sex kill their partners. Smith is up to stop it.

 Unfortunately it throws a bit 'off in the end it seeks, inter alia, to follow other people's masterpieces reusing "Also Spracht Zarathustra" by Strauss already heard in the cinema few years earlier.  We're talking about music and we must say that the original soundtrack is not bad and plays well with the story behind its creation there isn’t a unknown mucisian but  there is Charles Bernstein.

Even among the protagonists find some experience. From William Smith also seen in "Conan The Barbarian" as well as many other works, passing famous model Anitra Ford sixties and interpreter of many television series, concluding with the Italian-American model and other famous Victoria Vetri younger age actress.