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Quattro Carogne a Malopasso

"Spaghetti Western"? No it isn't. This is a "Cassata Western" as the typical sicilian sweet. In italian "Cassata" sound similar to "Cazzata" (a poor thing or a a thing done badly) and here...we have a joke that explain this movie. A film where everything is a sketch of rambling plot, ideas and without any semblance of acting.

"Quattro Carogne a Malopasso" is a 1989's movie that became famous thanks a popular 90's Tv Show "Mai Dire TV" with "Gialappa's Band" a well known comedian group. In this TV show they show some footage from this movie and created a sort of trash-cult that has driven the director Vito Colomba to do even some cinema lessons on sicilian TV.
Then "Quattro Carogne A Malopasso" disappear but thanks the internet era it return showing all his poor realization.

For us is very difficult to explain how bad it is. Be seen. Then we assure that you appreciate the sicilian accent in all the scens that accompany the characters with American names. You appreciate also all the modern objects raging often
And also is remarcable the audio at times in direct and sometimes glued to the film or the cues always thrown away, reprise after hesitation or forgotten. At the end we have the music,stolen by none other than Ennio Morricone.

This movie wants to be, as it declared final, a criticism of the mafia.
Indeed, the dark cow-boy Billy Nelson (often called Billy Nelsono as sicilian) return to Malopasso again after ten years. He discovers that his family was murdered by the evil local Parker (often called Paker) guy who takes in hand the whole community. Billy hosted by Sheriff seeks revenge and freedom for Malopasso. But eventually the power will make him understand that nothing can be done. So he goes away from Malopasso with Mary the sheriff's daughter who fell in love (tastes are tastes...).

We must admit, there is the moral that the director Colomba wants to say. But is a very poor way to say it. "Quattro Carogne A Malopasso" is the evidence that with  goodwill we can all do everything. Results separately. Vito Colomba and his cast have lost track, if anyone has news ...