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Funky and soul Canine in a black Los Angeles. The fault is of a racist Count Dracula that bite an african prince. A very international crisis. This is just the beginning of a great "cult movie" acclaimed by many.

The blaxploitation puts the hands on the classics of cinema literature and cinema and is a revolution. Here we have the history of the famous vampire, changed at will, and with good results, some standard features. This movie is fun, rhythm and slimmer. A film that plays with contrasts of color funky / soul against the darkness of the vampires world. It must be said however that there is little horror and "Blacula" goes near the limits of the romantic comedy, with no other ambitions. The soundtrack is really good, as the interpretation of the protagonists.

Let's back to our "international intrigue" in 1780. African Prince Mamuwalde and his wife travels to Transylvania to call on Count Dracula, the abolition of slavery. The Count doesn't agree and he bite the prince and kills his wife.

In 1972 a pair of gay American artists went to the count's house to buy some memorabilia. They see and fall in love with an old coffin found in the crypt. Back in Los Angeles the two open the sarcophagus re-giving life to Mamuwald that became the dreaded "Black Dracula" who wanders the city, claiming victims. On these murders investigated the police and especially the Dr.Thomas, in the meanwhile the "Black Vampire" sees a girl, Tina, in which he recognized his beloved wife Luva. The love story reborn, until the dramatic and romantic epilogue.

Directed by William Crain that create this "monster" in 1972 and then few years later try again with another classic reinterpreted in blaxploitation: "Dr. Black & Mr. Hyde”. Crain was also the director of several episodes of television series including "Starsky & Hutch," "The Duke Of Hazzard" etc.etc. Because this is a "B Movie" when was released "Blacula" was snubbed. Over time, as usual, has gained a status of "cult" ending in several citations in TV shows and other movies like "A Vampire in Brooklyn" with Eddie Murphy without forgetting the "Simpson."

From this blaxploitation milestone, awarded with the "Golden Scroll" or "Saturn Award” for best horror film in 1973, born a series of films inspired or replicants of it. In 1973 it is for the sequel "Scream Blacula Scream" with the same vampire and with the participation of Pam Grier. Then comes the turn of "Abby", "Blackenstein" and the aforementioned "Dr. Black & Mr. Hyde"

 William Marshall, Blacula, was an actor from deep voice, as well as interpreter of many American series and history with this film, as the other performers including mention Vonetta McGee, Denise Nicholas. Brief cameo for Charle Macauley a well know actor of many Tv series.