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Joe D'Amato comeback to nunsploitation with a movie, very freely adapted from "The Nun" of Diderot.
Surptinsingly, however, he make a movie in a soft-form sweetened from horror and eros two typical things of his works. "La Monaca Del Peccato" disappoints, not because of the absence of the above but because the story never took off and it beind predictable and flat.

It's a minor D'Amato too in the direction of it- This movie go in the history mostly for the use of "Fresh Meat" (meat and fresh and not new faces we say it on purpose). D'Amato use new actresses forgettin his historical interpretes. The protagonist is Eva Grimaldi twenty-five years old in 1986 far from her show girl career. The cast also include, Gabriele Tinti (former husband of Laura Gemser), Gabriele Gori and Jessica Moore.

A funny historic thing, Eva Grimaldi, mentrions this movie on its official website but she changed the title to "The Religious" and quoting Diderot (...)

D'Amato opened this movie in a rough way. Immediately after brief opening credits we see a scene of rape against the young Susanna (Eva Grimaldi) raped by her stepfather. Then the movie became more quietly, some naked body here and there, but few caresses itself mainly tells the story of Susanna the obliged to take vows.

The monastery, as nunsploitation wants, is inhabited by some lesbians Sisters in parte attracted by a handsome young priest (Gabriele Gori) who lives and works in the adjacent church and a foundling boy that live in the convent. Susanna became the favorite of Mother Superior triggers the jealousy of the others Nuns, especially by the Mother Superior lover, Sister Teresa. When the Superior dies, Sister Teresa takes place, unleashes his vengeance on Susanna also trying to silence her and accusing her of being possesses. She also convinces others Sisters to accuse her and the priest with whom Susanna as well had sexual intercourse (by a gate...). Apart from the particular exorcism involving the recruitment of holy water by vaginal rout, "La Suora Del Peccato" continues mildy and ends with Susan says she is possessed in front of the high clergy.

Meaning and sense absolutely anti-clerical for this movie but a low level from the great filmography of the roman director.