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cCount Dracula


If you don’t read his name on the opening credit you could doubt that it’s him. Just him.The Spanish director the mad genius, in love with horror and eros. But instead he is. Jess Franco, who in 1970 put his hands on the book by none other than Bram Stoker.

From a way we are far from the way of making a film better known by the Spanish master, but in the other way we are very near with a movie that was presented and recognized as the most faithful version of the book.

A film that boasts among other things, the cumbersome presence of two major actors: Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski. Most importantly, the presence of Soledad Miranda, the beautiful actress, here totally unknown and true revelation of the film. Deliberately chosen by Franco despite the doubts of a streetwise actor Lee has succeeded in a few days to conquer everyone artistically and give depth to the character of Lucy, more often, as claimed by Franco, thanks to a skill and natural expressions in the unfortunate Spanish was fitted. The story told that in this amazing cast  Vincent Price were to be, then replaced by Herbert Lom in the role of Van Helsing, as blocked by a rigid contract with the “American International Picture."

Then it is true that this film has some "poetic license" with respect to the novel and some oddities not call them errors, but there is a version of the famous story, much better than many other famous and praise.

 Far from being a millionaire budget, Jess Franco creates a perfect story, honest and frank, crowned by the performance of the couple "Monstre" we have already mentioned. Needless to tell the story, we all know, much better to speak of the genius of director who studies them all, from the music composed by Nicolai, who instead of the usual horror symphony used Balkan songs.

 Christopher Lee's Dracula is a capital letter ... with canines. A guarantee is certainly not a surprise the English interpretation of the actor, by definition and the myth of bad horror movies. If you pay attention to the film, Dracula and Van Helsing (Herbert Lom) are never in the same shot, turned also separate scenes containing both.
Klaus Kinski is instead engaged in a rather marginal role with few lines, but very physical, fully exploit his talent and his "madness".

 The revelation of the film is still Soledad Miranda as we have said and what we talk quite often on this blog. A great film for a director as talented as independent. And as a note said advertising: beware of imitations.