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“Incontri Molto Ravvicinati Di un Certo Tipo”


"With three flying cigars / we descended from the stars / and beloved Emanuelle / we will make a nice cadeau ..." The rest of the song, the central theme of this film, we will save. Do not we save instead comment on this real bad movie of 1978, directed by Mario Garriazzo, Piedmont director who has divided his career between spaghetti westerns and sexy/erotic movies, of which this is perhaps the most famous.

In "Incontri..." also known with many alternative titles everything is too trashy, badly acted and minimal. Forgot: Approximate and voulgar.

A real bad film that clearly mentions the title of Spielberg and the film between the characters of the saga "Emanuelle" playing everything about sex and sexy comedy /soft core. Someone also makes the "Sci-fi" between quotes, but it seems really a definition too important.

The plot is very simple. Starring three students (Alessio, Orazio and Calogero) who wants to having sex with their teacher an ufologist, and so they dress like aliens and break into her house, stripping, touching, studying her, and so on. In this sex game also ends the domestic girl and a couple of farmers. In reality, women knows the reality but do not reject the situation.

So many excuses here not to end up seeing a lot 'of nudity and even a soft-core lesbian scene between the two women bonded to the film.

That’s all a rare film to find but much talked about. Protagonists of this comedy are the slender Serbian Maria Baxa and Swiss Monica Zanchi, seen in many other films more or less on gender. Two of the three students have continued his career playing movies and TV series. Cameo for the legendary Jimmy Il Fenomeno. Perhaps one of the worst Italian films of all time. But the opening song is not too bad!