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Roma Violenta


Under the blond mustache and impassive face of Commissioner Betti, we notice, one-off, a faint smile. Because he find And those who listen him, who supports and who pushes him to delete all the bad guys and criminals . This is a "squad of executioners" headed by a known and prominent lawyer, Sartori. It must be said that the definition of "squad" is more than apt.

"Roma Violenta" 1975, directed by Franco MartinelliI, aka Marino Girolami prolific Italian director of various movies, has all the classic movies kind. The police have their hands tied from justice, the people are tired, but obviously a raging criminals Commissioner precise and dutiful attempt to do cleaning. Betti.

 "Rome is great and the criminals are so many" is one of the key phrases of all his work which opens with the wonderful titles and one of the best scene in the film (the other is a long and hard chase) . Two thugs boarded a bus and rob all passengers. Fortuitously escapes the dead. A young man whose girlfriend was waiting at the bus stop. People are angry. Commissioner Betti, arrived at, meditate revenge.

Unfortunately Roma Violenta slowly, slowly, became a movie quite fascist.

The criminals seems are communists for clothing and movements and among other things we talk about crime low alloy and also clumsy as some random robbery ends in tragedy. And above all, as mentioned above, there is this team of vigilantes who loves to spend time making friends to protect their own justice. Betti, who has since left the police, became the guru of the group. We must also stress that "randomly" and a bit 'comically ours are always close to where the crimes.

"Roma Violenta" would always be a cornerstone of the genre, if only for the rigging of onset Maurizio Merli forfrom there a few years to become one of the idols and icons of the genre. Not to mention that with "Napoli Violenta" and "Italia a Mano Armata" trilogy consists of the Commissioner Betti.

Also starring  Ray Lovelock familiar face of another kind of cinema and Seventies. Beautiful soundtrack composed by the Brothers De Angelis, also known as the Oliver Onions.