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Zombie Strippers!

The idea is good. Very good. The tribute to B Movies is as clear as daylight. The special effects are worthy of note, including makeup. The cast includes Mr. Nightmare Robert Englund, the former world famous pornstar Jenna Jameson,t the model/actress Penny Drake, and the complete artist Roxy Saint.

The beginning is not bad too, very many craziness with a political satire that touches George W. Bush. One would think that we are faced with a splatter masterpiece, a great b-movie, made ​​especially for the B’s. Instead, despite all the premises and the good start "Zombie Strippers" ends up slowing down dramatically every minute that passes, finishing in a trench from which it is difficult to escape.

An opportunity thrown to the wind, a waste of guts, blood and boobs as textbook "splatter".

From the usual mad experiment, in this case the military one, comes a virus that can raise the dead to reuse them into wars as fierce soldiers. To verify the effectiveness of the product in the laboratory are sent the marines of the "Z" a group of super soldiers. But, as usual, not the whole truth is known and the usual medical speculator leave the soldiers in the hands of zombies that can’t be beaten. One of the soldier is bite. Scared and worried about being found out of the military of "Group Z" escapes and takes refuge in a nearby "Strip Bar" where infected the stripper Kat (Jenna Jameson) that amazes audiences and colleagues with a number very extreme. The other envious slowly realize that it is better to become a "Zombie Stripper" as Ian Essko the club owner who understands that he hands a gold mine. The audience is happy, but it gets out of hand until it becomes a bloodbath that only those of the Group "Z" are able to stop.

The apex of the trash and splatter reaches in  the fratricidal struggle between Kat and Sox two strippers who fight for the supremacy of the club shooting balls from their vagina.

Vaguely inspired by a work of Ionesco's "Rhinoceros" (among other things, the similarity of the character played by Englund is clear), "Zombie Strippers" often follows the path laid by films like "From Dusk Till Dawn"and" Planet Terror " without reaching the trash a little 'snob who has made ​​popular films of Rodriguez.

Silicon in quantity and unbridled craziness for a film that could be a masterpiece. Unfortunately threw away.