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Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

Shit, boobs, guts and blood. An explosion of trash and heavy real bad taste. The episode number four of the saga of the "Toxic Avenger" is more extreme, more vulgar and without doubt the most beautiful. Everything is excessive. Heavy. And the result is that Kaufmann makes a movie fun and harmless. You wonder if you can be safe shooting (mostly crap) on all and all? Yes, you can. Because the core of this film is really a satire on a 360 ° view of optics, however, we may say, the fool, who being deformed and ugly can afford the luxury of too much of everything and everyone. Exactly.

Toxic returns, most ugly and smelly as ever, putting prestige to the saga that was a bit lost in the episodes II and III who were not so memorable. Is not only our but is a real quote in the opening credits.

Number four, however, besides being a carnival of excessive disgust is also a long series of quotations and citations. 100% enjoyable if you are intimate with the Troma’s world and with the crazy Lloyd Kaufman.
From his home, Kaufman takes a bit 'of things: the legendary Kabukiman, a close friend of Toxic and star of "Sgt Kabukiman NYPD "and his business partner Michael Herz, here as Lardas an obese shoulder of Toxie.
And certainly there is the car explosion present in many of Troma films.

Good Lloyd likes to put in the middle of a long series of quotations from "Citizen Kane" whose "Xanadu" becomes the "Tromadu" scene shot in the "Playboy Mansion",through the comics, with unlikely saviors and again "Star Wars",the "Wizard of Oz",  the massacre of "Columbine",a murder of "Klu Klux Klan", the "Neo-Nazism" and antiabortism.

It certainly does not end here because we also find a satire, really heavy, on Stephen Hawking and a lighter one on religion. The long list of curiosity ends up with the interpretation of Ron Jeremy, often seen in others Troma movies in and the cameo of the legendary Lemmy of Motorhead. There would also have the presence of  Hugh Hefner,he himself, who had also filmed a short scene before his lawyers threatened to sue for Troma have "forced" to participate in the film.

With a substantial budget increase, this 2000’s movie tells the parallel realities of dualism between "Tromaville" and "Amortville."
A positive (mah ...) with Toxie and the other negative with Noxie the evil alter ego Toxic Avenger.
The two exchange their worlds for of an explosion caused by a raid of a group of criminals the "Diaper Mafia" who makes a killing in the school of children "Very Special" killing a lot by tits and gun shots.
So Noxie sowing panic in "Tromaville", and nothing can the new and poor superheroes who must replace Toxie. Crime reigns. Toxie instead to "Amortville" seeks to restore order.

In this clash distance ends up that Toxie's blind girlfriend pregnant of the two Toxie. In her uterus she houses an epic battle between the two fetuses, of course, one good and one bad. We will not reveal the end, but it is yet another stab, this time in the world of American cinema.
"Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV" is a masterpiece of the genre for us. Exaggerated, very exaggerated, trash container. Unmissable for any fan of a certain movies...